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Why Choose a Mobile Hairdresser?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Finding the right hairdresser can be one of life's greatest challenges; you need to find someone you like (as you may be spending up to four hours with them), someone who you can translate to the style you actually want, someone who will listen to your requests, someone who is talented, someone who is passionate and someone who always takes pride in their work. Salons can have a high turnover of staff as their personnel move on, seek new opportunities or working there just isn't right anymore; and often their staff must sign an agreement where they are not permitted to take on customers outside of the Salon environment.

So why chose a mobile hairdresser? And perhaps more importantly, why chose me?

I'm dedicated to my work, hairdressing really is my passion. As standard I offer a free personal consultation prior to any appointment to discuss with you what style you are looking for, what colours if any you are considering and to explain in detail what the process will be to transform your look if the change is a significant one.

I consider the health of your hair. I'm not someone who will bleach your hair to within an inch of it's life to achieve an immediate goal. All of my customers leave with healthy, shiny and hair that is soft to the touch. Sometimes that does mean a transitional process for those significant changes but in the long run your hair will thank you for it and the colour will last longer.

I cost less than a Salon. There is no getting around it, I can save you around 25% on salon prices. I do this by keeping a fair pricing structure based on cost of materials for colour and time spent. I am passionate about ensuring my customers really benefit from the services they receive and this includes saving them a few coins here and there.

Appointments are arranged around you. Life gets in the way sometimes, it's the same with me. I have a job, a family, seemingly endless amount of kids clubs to travel to and from and only a finite amount of time in each day. Which is why my appointments are based around what suits you. I work most evenings, early mornings and weekends so that you don't have to worry about rushing around to get your appointment. I do try to keep to some kind of structure as a guideline for my own sanity but I know what it's like, so I'll always try to fit you in.

Everything is completed in the comfort of your home. Sometimes it can be just right to have someone come to you, in the warmth and comfort of your own home, to provide a service that will leave you looking and feeling like a million dollars. Plus you know you'll have the right tea bags :).

I'll always tidy up after myself and ensure you're home is exactly how it was when I arrived. Also in the current climate I take your health very seriously in terms of protecting you from COVID-19. I always wash my hands on arrival and wear the appropriate PPE, following COVID safe guidelines.

I'm fully qualified and insured. I have transitioned to mobile hairdressing so that I can be accountable for my own standards, I really believe that what I am doing is top quality having trained at college and in a Salon in my early career. To protect both my customers and myself I'm fully insured.

I hope that the information I've published today helps you make the right choice when choosing a hairdresser, whether it's me, another mobile hairdresser, or if you choose to go to a Salon. I hope your hair ends up exactly how you hoped. If you would like to talk about how I can help please don't hesitate to give me a call, text or email.

See you soon,


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